Metro Applications

Tera-Pass offers unique product families of OTN and NG-OTN ASIC and IP Core processors optimized for modern OTN/NG-OTN based metro networks.

Apodis ASIC OTN processors can support up to 16 client-side Ethernet, SDH, OTN and CBR (Constant Bit Rate) services at multiple bitrates ranging from 100Mbps up to 10Gbps. On their Line Side, Apodis processors can support up to 4 OTU1/OTU2 signals. With an extremely low power and small footprint, Apodis Muxponders and Transponders offer breakthrough, cost-effective solutions for metro and access (network edge) optical systems. Apodis processors were designed around a unique, patented OTN architecture. Thanks to their breakthrough design, Apodis processors offer unparalleled cost-performance characteristics.

Scorpion IP Core NG-OTN processors can support up to 8 client-side Ethernet (FE/GE) / SDH (STM1/4) / PDH (E1) services. Scorpion processors provide line-side OTU0/OTU1 interfaces, supporting the mapping of client-services to either NG-OTN OSU (Optical Service Unit) or G.709 ODU containers. Scorpion NG-OTN capabilities follow the latest CCSA (China Communications Standards Association) contributions. Scorpion NG-OTN processors may be combined with Apodis OTN processors to create a powerful client-services transport solution.

Taurus ASIC NG-OTN processors are under development. Taurus processors will support Ethernet, SDH and PDH client-services and present them to OTU0/OTU1/OTU2 lines. 

Client-Services may be mapped to ODU or NG-OTN OSU containers. Taurus will provide additional value-added capabilities, including powerful Ethernet L2 processing, mapping of VLANs to OSUs, as well as Ethernet-over-SDH mappings.



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