Metro Applications

Tera-Pass offers a unique product family of Apodis OTN processors optimized for modern OTN based metro networks.

Apodis OTN processors can support up to 16 Client-Side services at multiple bitrates ranging from 100M up to 10G.
On their Line Side, Apodis processors can support up to four OTU2/OTU1 signals.
With an extremely low power and small footprint, Apodis Muxponders and Transponders offer breakthrough, cost-effective solutions for metro and access optical system vendors.

Capable of supporting up to four 10G class clients or sixteen 100M-5G services, Apodis processors map and multiplex the Client-Side signals onto four Line-Side ports drawing on a patented, non-blocking ODU-0/1/2/flex switching fabric.

Apodis processors were designed around a unique, patented OTN architecture. Thanks to their breakthrough design, Apodis processors offer unparalleled cost-performance characteristics.

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