Mobile Applications

Driven by the soaring growth in mobile demand, the wireless networking infrastructure is undergoing a continuous transition process from one technological generation to another. 

There is a growing demand for new services, ever increasing bandwidth and support for more capable smartphones and end devices. The unprecedented growth in traffic undermines the foundations of existing mobile network architectures, necessitating the introduction of newer, more capable technologies and architectures. 

Tera-Pass’ family of Orion IP Cores and Apodis OTN Processors offer opportunities to significantly increase the cost/performance of optical systems. 

Orion implements the novel ITU-T SG15 recommendations for Mobile Fronthaul networks allowing operators to slash the size of the optical networks needed by Radio Access Network (RAN) deployments.  

With IP Cores supporting CPRI 3/4/5/7/8/9 signals, Orion is the perfect solution for a system architect designing a Network Element for Mobile Fronthaul (MFH) networks.

Tera-Pass offers IP Cores that are fully integrated on Xilinx Kintex Ultra-Scale product family of FPGAs, including the design of the required transceivers and their associated jitter attenuators.

Apodis OTN processors offer unique capabilities supporting Ethernet (FE/1GE/10GE) signals and a range of CPRI signals (CPRI-1/2/3/4/5/7/8).

In the context of Ethernet signals, Apodis processors offer an integrated support of IEEE 1588 timing protocols and support also SyncE transport.

In the context of CPRI signals, Apodis OTN processors offer a unique capability to meet the 2ppb jitter requirement for effective transport of CPRI signals over OTN. 

Apodis OTN processors offer unprecedented opportunities for Network Equipment (NE) vendors to introduce optical systems that slash the costs of the optical infrastructure required to support both backhaul and fronthaul applications. 

Through their unique capabilities in supporting the transport of both Ethernet and CPRI signals over OTN, Apodis processors enable simple, cost effective solutions for an integrated support of multi-generation cellular networks.


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