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Tera-Pass is a leading-edge supplier of advanced OTN and NG-OTN processors addressing Metro, Access/Edge, and mobile backhaul and fronthaul networks. 

Apodis ASIC OTN processors offer the highest capacity and broadest services range in their category. Supporting ODU0/1/2/flex containers, Apodis processors deliver flexible support of multiple types and rates of client-services, as well as unprecedented levels of functional integration. 

Apodis’ product family includes a wide range of OTN processors, allowing Network Equipment (NE) designers to select the Apodis processor type that most optimally addresses their specific requirements. 

Scorpion IP Core NG-OTN processors support the evolving G.osu standard being drafted now at the ITU-T SG15. Scorpion processors support a combination of Ethernet/SDH/PDH client-services that may be mapped to either ODU or OSU (Optical Service Unit) containers. Scorpion processors line-side support OTU0/1/2 interfaces.

Taurus is an ASIC NG-OTN processor product family that is under development. Taurus processors will support Ethernet/SDH/PDH client-services and map them to either OSU or ODU containers. The line-side of Taurus will support OTN interfaces. Taurus processors will provide also powerful Ethernet L2 and SDH value-added functions. 

For mobile backhauling and fronthauling applications, Tera-Pass offers a unique suite of products that is comprised of its Apodis OTN processors and the Orion IP Core family. These products allow operators to drastically reduce and optimize their 3G/4G backhaul and fronthaul optical infrastructure. 

Apodis processors support both CPRI (Common Public Radio Interface) and Ethernet (FE/1GE/10GE) signals, while Orion IP Cores are optimized for the transport of CPRI signals over OTU2r signals. 

Apodis processors support the stringent synchronization, jitter and latency requirements for the transport of CPRI signals over optical links.

Orion IP Cores implement the most recent ITU-T recommendations (G. Sup. 56) for the transport of CPRI signals over OTU2r links.

Drawing on either Apodis or Orion processors simplifies the design of Network Elements (NEs) intended for backhaul and fronthaul applications.


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