Taurus NG-OTN Processor


Modern telecom networks face a rapid increase in the variety and amount of traffic and services that they need to support, such as VR, Gaming, Cloud, Enterprise Networks, Business Services, Banking, 5G and more. This change in the amount and types of traffic that needs to be supported by optical networking systems is driving the upcoming introduction of a new technology – NG-OTN, or Next Generation OTN.


NG-OTN is being developed at the ITU-T SG15 workgroup, by the name of G.osu, and will support all legacy and modern telecom client-services. G.osu specifies a revolutionary type of OTN container, OSU (Optical Service Unit). OSUs will be of variable bandwidth, starting as low as 2.6Mbps, and capable of flexibly supporting client-services of up to 100Gbps (or more) in increments of 2.6/10.4Mbps. Current OTN transport containers, ODUs (Optical Digital Units), will be able to transport multiple OSUs, thus further improving the optical network utilization. NG-OTN is being designed addressing the needs of Cloud, PON Business services and more. NG-OTN technology will enhance current OTN and eliminate SDH/SONET.


Taurus ASIC NG-OTN Processors are now under development. Taurus processors will support a variety of Ethernet, SDH and PDH client-services and present them to OTN line-side signals. Taurus processors will support the mapping of Client-Services to OSU (NG-OTN) or ODU containers and will also provide additional, powerful Ethernet L2 and SDH functionality.



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