Scorpion Family of OSU-Based OTN Processors

The Scorpion product family of OSU-based OTN IP Core processors includes the TPS3204MP and TPS3215MP members. 

Scorpion processors offer termination, processing, framing, multiplexing and demultiplexing of OTN, Ethernet, SDH and E1 signals. 

The client-side of Scorpion processors supports up to 8 ports, and the line-side supports 2x OTU0/1 ports of full OTN capability. The client-services may be mapped to SDH VC/OSU/ODU containers and transported over OTU0/1 bearers that are 1+1 protected.

In addition, depending on the type of Scorpion processor being selected, Ethernet-over-SDH is provided. The flexibility of Scorpion processors provide makes them ideal for next generation access and optical networking edge applications.


Scorpion Product Family of OSU-based OTN Processors


TPS3204MP Product Description , TPS3215MP Product Description




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