Scorpion Family of OSU Processors

The Scorpion OSU (Optical Service Units) processors IP cores product family are a member of Tera-Pass’ product family for access applications. 

Scorpion OSU processors are offered as integrated solutions on Xilinx FPGAs. Scorpion processors support the OSU/ODU functionality required by services networks at the Access Layer according to the emerging OSU standards. OSUs introduce a new fine-granularity path layer optimizing G.709 OTN to support services starting at 2Mbps. 


The Scorpion product family comprises 5 members: 

• The TPS3204MP, optimized for E1/STM1/OC3/STM4/OC12/FE/GE services over OTU0/OTU1 lines.

• The TPS3205MP, optimized for E1/T1/T3/STM1/OC3/STM4/OC12/FE/GE services over OTU0/OTU1 lines.

• The TPS3202TP, optimized for 10GE services over OTU2/OTU2e/OTU1e lines.

• The TPS3210MP, optimized for STM1/OC3/STM4/OC12/FE/GE services over OTU2 lines. 

• The TPS3211MP, optimized for E1/T1/T3/STM1/OC3/STM4/OC12/FE/GE services over OTU2 lines.


In a typical Scorpion application, E1 (2Mbps), Ethernet or SDH client signals are presented to Scorpion processors for mapping to either Optical Service Units, OSUs, or G.709 ODUk containers. OSU containers can then be mapped to ODU containers, that can be presented over OTU0/1/2/2e/1e Lines. 


The table below shows the main characteristics of the various members of the Scorpion product family. 




Scorpion processors are provided along with full technical documentation as well as an SDK (Software Development Kit). 

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