Gemini TPS5101MP OTN Processors

The Gemini TPS5101MP OTN processors IP cores are a member of Tera-Pass’ product family for access applications. Gemini TPS5101MP processors support the functionality required by access networks and by premium services networks in China. Gemini TPS5101MP client ports support one or two Ethernet/SDH signals and multiplexes them to an OTU1/OTU0 (2.7/1.3 Gbps) bearer with 1+1 protection.

TPS5101MP Block Diagram 

Gemini TPS5101MP Block Diagram

Gemini TPS5101MP IP Cores support 2 Ethernet/SDH Client Ports and 2 OTN Line Ports. The Client Ports can be FE/GE or STM1/STM4. The Line Ports support OTU0/OTU1 bearers. Gemini TPS5101MP processes the 2 types of Client Signals: For Ethernet, it generates the associated RMON statistics of the FE/GE signals, and then maps the Ethernet signals either transparently or through GFP-F to ODU0 containers. For SDH, the TPS5101MP implements Performance Monitoring and Alarms functionality as per G.709. The SDH signals are mapped into ODU0 containers. The ODU0 containers carrying the Ethernet/SDH payloads are then multiplexed to create an ODU1 container that is transported over an OTU1 bearer. Gemini TPS5101MP also supports transporting a single ODU0 container over an OTU0 bearer. The Line Side OTU0/OTU1 signal can support 1+1 facility protection.

Gemini TPS5101MP: Key Features

Gemini encrypted bin files are shipped along with hardware encryption keys.


TPS5101MP Typical Application: FE/GE and SDH services over OTN beares 

Gemini TPS5101MP Application: 1 or 2 FE/GE/STM1/STM4 clients signals to an OTU1/OTU0 bearers. The Ethernet Switch supports VLAN services. An external component provides EOS functionality. Gemini TPS5101MP supports Ethernet/SDH signals and OTN funtionality. 







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