Tera-Pass offers a wide range of hardware and software support tools and services to its customers on all its product families, Apodis,  Scorpion, Orion and Taurus. 

Tera-Pass can assist its customers throughout the entire design cycle of optical systems, starting at product concept incorporating Tera-Pass’ components all the way through the various steps of OEM product implementation.

Tera-Pass’ OTN processors are offered along with Evaluation Boards (EVBs) that enable real-life testing and capabilities evaluation.

EVBs can also be used as reference designs for system and hardware engineers.

Throughout the hardware design phase of electronic boards based on our components, Tera-Pass engineers will be available to review hardware designs from their inception, including pre and post layout reviews, and can assist our customers through the hardware bring-up and debug process. 

All Tera-Pass’ products are offered with an extensive set of product documentation: User Manuals, Product Description and Data Sheets.

Tera-Pass SDKs (Software Development Kit) for our various products include ready-made Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), extensive documentation and a proven track record of integrating with a variety of real-time Operating Systems (OS) and processors. 

Tera-Pass routinely releases new versions of its various software APIs, incorporating an increasing range of network level applications.

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