Access/Edge Applications

Enterprise and SMO (Small Medium Offices) generated traffic is constantly on the growth. The rapid proliferation of Cloud and Leased Lines customer services drives a demand for variable bandwidth that needs to be supported by telecom operators. Operators worldwide currently inefficiently support these services based on either G.709 OTN or SONET/SDH MSPP systems. However, these veteran optical transport technologies will soon be replaced by new, dramatically enhanced, Next Generation OTN (NG-OTN).

The ITU-T is now developing a novel standard by the name of G.osu, that will convert the existing transport-oriented G.709 OTN into a capable services-oriented NG-OTN. The new OSU (Optical Services Unit) NG-OTN multiservice aggregation technology will offer dramatically superior performance at lower CAPEX and OPEX costs and will soon replace legacy G.709 and SONET/SDH technologies. NG-OTN systems will support the increasing, variable rates of packet and constant-bitrate services while providing interoperability with existing G.709 OTN generation networks. NG-OTN systems will initially be deployed replacing G.709 OTN and SONET/SDH for Enterprise Cloud and Leased Lines services. However, OSU technology is designed to cater to the whole range of network-edge services of up to 100Gbps. NG-OTN will impact the design and deployment of optical networking metro and access equipment.

Tera-Pass offers a unique combination of outstanding OTN and NG-OTN processors product families: Apodis G.709 OTN ASIC processors, and Scorpion NG-OTN OSU IP Cores. Tera-Pass is now also designing the Taurus product family of NG-OTN ASIC processors.

Scorpion processors offer OSU/ODU containers to support Enterprise Services over OTU0/OTU1/OTU2 lines, while the Apodis G.709 OTN product family includes elements that were optimized for premium services networks, supporting OTU1 and OTU2 lines.

The combination of our Scorpion NG-OTN and Apodis G.709 OTN processors offers a unique combination of sophisticated components addressing both OTN and NG-OTN based access services.



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