Access/Edge Applications

The rapid increase in the amount and variety of telecom traffic generated by Cloud, Leased Lines and PON (to name a few) customer services challenges telecom operators. 

A new, upcoming NG-OTN standard, that will eliminate SDH/SONET and dramatically enhance current OTN, will be introduced. NG-OTN will provide superb Ethernet and CBR (Constant Bit Rate) client-services performance, increase the transport network efficiency and cut CAPEX and OPEX expenses. 

Tera-Pass offers a unique combination of outstanding OTN and NG-OTN processors product families intended for access/metro optical networking systems that support a variety of Ethernet, SDH, PDH and other client-services over OTU0/OTU1/OTU2 bearers.  

Scorpion NG-OTN processors support OSU (Optical Service Unit)/ODU containers to transport Ethernet, SDH and PDH Client-Services over OTU0/OTU1 lines.

Apodis OTN processors support the transport of Ethernet, SDH, OTN, and other client-services over OTU1/OTU2 lines. 

Taurus NG-OTN processors support the transport of Ethernet, SDH and PDH client-services over either OSU or ODU containers and over OTU0/OTU1/OTU2 lines. Taurus NG-OTN processors also offer additional Ethernet L2 and SDH capabilities, including Ethernet-over-SDH. 

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