Access/Edge Applications

Access Layer Enterprise and SMO (Small Medium Offices) generated traffic is constantly on the growth. The rapid proliferation of digital based customer services drives a demand for bandwidth that needs to be supported by the telecom operators. A significant fraction of these services falls within the category known as Sub-1G services, that are currently offered by operators through SDH based MSPP systems. However, these veteran systems will soon be phased out.

The ITU-T is now developing a novel standard by the name of G.osu, that addresses the Access Layer and will update the existing G.709 OTN. G.osu introduces the novel concept of variable bandwidth OSUs, Optical Service Units, with bandwidths starting as low as 2.6M. The new OSU (Optical Services Unit) based OTN systems will create a native OTN Access Layer that will seamlessly integrate with Metro OTN equipment, displacing legacy SDH based MSPP systems. 

Tera-Pass offers a unique combination of outstanding OTN processor product families for Enterprise and Access Layer Applications: Apodis OTN processors, and Scorpion IP Cores.

Scorpion processors offer OSU/ODU containers to support Enterprise Services over OTU0 (1.3G)/OTU1 (2.7G)/OTU2 (10.7G)  lines, while the Apodis product family supports OTN line rates of OTU1 (2.7G) and OTU2 (10.7G). Scorpion processors have been optimized also for joint deployment along with Apodis processors.

Along with the other members of the Apodis product family (The Apodis IPL4002M, Apodis IPL4102M and Apodis IPL4202M muxponders and the Apodis IPL4302F and Apodis IPL4402F transponders) Tera-Pass offers a unique combination of sophisticated components addressing modern and evolving OTN based Access Layer services.


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