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Tera-Pass develops advanced Optical Transport Network (OTN) processors that enable Network Equipment (NE) vendors to build optimized, resilient and cost-effective wireline and wireless access and metro systems.

Tera-Pass offers a unique combination of both ASIC (Apodis) and IP Core (Gemini, Zephyr, Orion, Scorpion) based product families, enabling its Network Equipment (NE) vendors customers to select the most optimal solution for their needs. The various members of each product family are designed bearing in mind software and hardware commonality, simplifying the transition from one family member to another. Apodis OTN processors are general-purpose devices addressing capacities in the range of 10G-40G.

Gemini and Zephyr IP Cores address access and premium services applications.

Orion IP Cores address the transport of CPRI signals over OTU2r bearers. Orion IP Cores implement a novel ITU-T endorsed OTN technology that provides a unique solution for the transport of CPRI 4G signals over optical links.

Scorpion IP Cores address the transport of Client Services over OSU (Optical Service Units) variable bandwidth containers, following the evolution of the relevant ITU-T standards. Scorpion processors support advanced features such as hitless bandwidth adjustment of the OSUs allocated for the transport of packet-based Client Services.

Along with its various product families of OTN processors, Tera-Pass also offers an extensive range of design-support tools and services, intended to simplify and ease the integration of Tera-Pass’ products with our customers’ software and hardware systems.


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