Tera-Pass products portfolio comprises a wide range of OTN building blocks intended for optical networking equipment vendors.

These products lines support a large variety of network applications ranging from edge and access to mobile and metro networks.

Among these applications we can find:


Apodis OTN processors product families provide flexible and optimal building blocks supporting end user client rates from Fast Ethernet (100M) up to the 10G level.

Gemini and Zephyr IP Core product lines are optimized for premium and private line services supporting Ethernet and SDH/SONET end users.

Scorpion IP Cores support the novel fine granularity, variable bandwidth OSU (Optical Service Unit) containers being specified by the ITU-T SG15 and intended for native-OTN Access Layer systems.

Metro Networks: 

Apodis OTN processors are widely used in metro networks.

In these networks, Apodis' flexibility and its wide range of supported client protocols and rates enables building optimized metro networks. 

Mobile Applications: 

Apodis OTN processors provide an efficient first level of aggregation for traffic channels from multiple cell sites to metro pipelines (Backhauling).

Orion IP Cores, that implement the most recent ITU-T recommendations for CPRI over OTN transport, provide an ultra-effective solution for 4G MFH (Mobile Front Haul) architectures. 




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