Tera-Pass products portfolio comprises a wide range of OTN and NG-OTN building blocks intended for optical networking equipment vendors.

These products lines support a large variety of network applications ranging from edge and access to mobile and metro networks.

Among these applications we can find:

Access/Edge Applications:

Apodis ASIC OTN processors product families provide flexible and optimal building blocks supporting up to 16 end-user client rates from Fast Ethernet (100M) up to the 10G level and presenting them over 4 OTU2/OTU1 lines. Apodis’ feature-rich capabilities, compact packaging and low-power are a perfect fit for optical networking systems.

Scorpion IP Cores NG-OTN Processors support Ethernet/SDH/PDH client-services over the novel OSU (Optical Service Unit) or ODU containers. OSU containers span a bandwidth range of 2.6Mbps-100Gbps in 2.6/10.4Mbps increments, are being specified by the ITU-T SG15 and the CCSA and are intended to enhance current OTN and eliminate SDH/SONET. Scorpion allows to design leading-edge NG-OTN networking systems.

Taurus ASIC product family of NG-OTN processors is under development. Taurus processors will support a wide range of Ethernet, SDH and PDH client-signals, map them to either OSU or ODU containers and present them to OTUk line-side interfaces. Taurus NG-OTN processors will provide also powerful, value-added Ethernet L2 and SDH capabilities. Taurus processors will provide superb cost/performance for NG-OTN optical networking systems.

Metro Networks

Apodis ASIC OTN processors are widely used in metro networks. In these networks, Apodis' flexibility and its wide range of supported client protocols and rates enables building optimized metro networking systems. 

Scorpion IP Cores NG-OTN processors provide excellent building blocks for NG-OTN optical networking systems.

Taurus ASIC NG-OTN processors will be used for NG-OTN optical networking systems.

Mobile Applications

Apodis ASIC OTN processors provide an efficient first level of aggregation for traffic channels from multiple cell sites to metro pipelines (Backhauling). Apodis processors can simultaneously support combinations of 3G/4G/5G signals.

Orion IP Cores OTU2r processors, that implement the ITU-T recommendations for CPRI over OTN transport, provide an ultra-effective solution for 4G MFH (Mobile Fronthaul) networks. Orion IP Cores are a perfect solution for cost-effective mobile fronthaul optical networking systems.


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