Orion MFH IP Cores

The Orion family of Intellectual Property (IP) Cores are intended and optimized for
4G Mobile Front-Haul (MFH) networks.
Orion IP Cores transport the following CPRI signal options according to ITU-T, G Suppl. 56
"Transport of Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI™) signals over Optical Transport Network (OTN)":

  • CPRI option 3 (2.4576 Gbps)
  • CPRI option 4 (3.072 Gbps)
  • CPRI option 5 (4.9152 Gbps)
  • CPRI option 7 (9.8304 Gbps)
  • CPRI option 8 (10.1376 Gbps)
  • CPRI option 9 (12.16512 Gbps)

Orion product family members functionality is shown in the table below:


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