Apodis OTN Processors

The Apodis family of ITU-T compliant Optical Transport Network (OTN) processors offer termination, processing, framing, multiplexing, demultiplexing and switching of OTN signals, in addition to client-side mapping of SONET/SDH, Ethernet, Storage Area Network (SAN), Video, InfiniBand and Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) signals to OTN signals.

The Client Side supports up to 16 ports with any-service any-port capabilities, and the Line Side supports up to four 10G ports of full OTN capability resulting in a full duplex bandwidth capacity of up to 40G.

Apodis processors incorporate a fully available, non-blocking OTN switching fabric, allowing switching between client to line, client to client, and line to line ports.

The flexibility and high bandwidth that Apodis processors provide makes them ideal for wireless backhaul/fronthaul networks, next generation access and optical networking. 

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IPL4002M IPL4102M IPL4102A IPL4202M IPL4302F IPL4402F IPL4402A
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