Tera-Pass provides a wide range of OTN building blocks for optical network vendors.

Our product lines portfolio is built of ASIC products as well as an IP Cores offering. 

Tera-Pass’ portfolio is comprised of the following product lines:

  • Apodis (ASIC)
    A family of high capacity flexible OTN processors for optical telecom applications.
    Apodis products support a large variety of clients from Fast Ethernet all the way to 10G services. Apodis can map up to 16 of these clients to OTU1 or OTU2 bearers.
    Apodis family members can support 1, 2- or 4-line ports.
  • Gemini (IP Core)
    Gemini is a cost-effective family of IP Cores that provides Ethernet and SDH services over OTU0 and OTU1 bearers.
    Capacity: Two client and two line ports
  • Zephyr (IP Core)
    Zephyr is a cost-effective family of IP Cores that provides Ethernet and SDH services over OTU2 bearers.
    Capacity: Eight client and two line ports.
  • Scorpion (IP Core) 
    Scorpion is a cost-effective family of IP Cores that support the OSU/ODU containers required by Sub-1G services networks at the Access Layer according to the emerging G.osu requirements. G.osu introduces the novel concept of OSUs, Optical Service Units, new fine-granularity, variable bandwidth containers starting at 2.6/10.4M. Scorpion's client side supports 4x STM1/STM4/FE/GE and 4x E1 client services, and its line side supports OTU0 or OTU1 bearers.

  • Orion (IP Core)
    The Orion product family provides a unique solution for the deployment of the optical networks required by the Radio Netowrks (RAN) of 4G.
    Orion multiplexes a variety of CPRI (Common Public Radio Interface) signals to OTU2r bearers drawing on the novel ITU-T SG15 recommendations for the transort of CPRI signals over OTN.
    This special technique increases the utilization of the optical fibers required for 4G RAN networks by a factor of up to 6, thus drastically saving on costs and releasing fiber capacity.

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