Tera-Pass offers the following product lines:

Apodis (ASIC)

Apodis are an OTN processors product family of muxponders and transponders.

Apodis can support up to 16 client-services in the range 100Mbps-11Gbps and presents them to 4x OTU2/OTU1 lines. Apodis is equipped with a built-in ODU-0/1/2/flex switching fabric. 

 Orion (IP Cores)

Orion OTU2r processors implement the ITU-T’s method for the multiplexing of CPRI 4G mobile fronthaul (MFH) signals to OTU2r bearers. Orion IP Cores are available in muxponder and transponder configurations.

Scorpion (IP Cores)

Product family of NG-OTN IP Cores. Scorpion NG-OTN processors support Ethernet, SDH and PDH client-signals, can map them to either OSU (Optical Service Unit) or ODU containers, and present them over OTU-0/1/2 lines.

Taurus (ASIC)

Taurus is a product family of NG-OTN ASICs that is under development.


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