Tera-Pass offers the following product lines:

Apodis (ASIC)

Apodis are an OTN processors product family of muxponders and transponders.

Apodis can support up to 16 client-services in the range 100Mbps-11Gbps and presents them to 4x OTU2/OTU1 lines. Apodis is equipped with a built-in ODU-0/1/2/flex switching fabric. 

 Orion (IP Cores)

Orion OTU2r processors implement the ITU-T’s method for the multiplexing of CPRI 4G mobile fronthaul (MFH) signals to OTU2r bearers. Orion IP Cores are available in muxponder and transponder configurations.

Scorpion (IP Cores)

Scorpion NG-OTN processors support Ethernet, SDH and PDH client-signals, can map them to either OSU (Optical Service Unit) or ODU containers, and present them over OTU-0/1 lines.

Taurus (ASIC)

Taurus is a product family of NG-OTN ASICs that is under development.


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